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  • A European network
    ... social change poles

    ESS pole, Sustainable Development House, Mundo ... many shared spaces are developped in France and throughout Europe. The Social Change Platform supports this emerging network of organisations ; its mission is to strengthen and promote of these network and spaces, their members and / or residents, as well as all those engaged in positive social and environmental endeavors.

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  • A shared tool
    ... dedicated to social change organisations.

    Because social change organizations need powerful tools but often do not have the resources, the Social Change Platform unites stakeholders to share and collectively create those tools. Shared investment allows organizations to access what is usually the privilege of larger organisations. The SCP lays doan the basis for developping new tools, which are designed by and for its members as they evolve.

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  • A public website
    ... to promote

    To find a job, to work in a space reflecting my values, to discover social change initiatives in my city, I follow the news on the Social Change Platform... The Social Change Platform promotes organisations with high social and environmental performance to the general public.

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